Fashion Valley’s Living Wall – Ranch and Coast Magazine

Shoppers enjoying their next trip to the popular Fashion Valley will be greeted by a beautiful and unexpected sight, thanks to the installation of a cutting-edge “living wall” at the property.

Living walls or green walls are structures that allow plant materials to grow on a building, but have the added benefit of allowing them to grow on vertical spaces indoors or outdoors. Both types of walls grow in “found space,” using far less space than typical gardens. Living walls can be planted with a wide variety of plants.

The Fashion Valley wall was installed by Jim Mumford, GRP, CLP of GreenScaped Buildings of San Diego. Mumford is well known as San Diego’s “green roof guy” and a green building pioneer. The project manager is Kevin Norton. The wall was designed by Rocco Campanozzi, Mission Landscape Architects, in collaboration with Mumford.

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