Giving Thanks at Good Earth Plants and GreenScaped Buildings

Jim Standing on Green Roof

It is Thanksgiving 2014, and I’m thankful for many people in my life.

I’m thankful for:

  • My folks, they set a good standard and give me plenty to both admire and laugh about. Not that they’re perfect, don’t go getting ideas Mom and Dad.
  • My son Ted: just enough of me to make me proud, just enough “other” to make him interesting.
  • My daughter Allie: smart, capable and talented – getting ready to launch herself on the world. I hope we’re ready.
  • My sister Monica, who has been with me since the beginning and is a huge help today.
  • The rest of my family. They’re all good people and accept me being the black sheep among them.
  • My former wife Mary: she changed my life then gave me two beautiful children.
  • My crew at work. It’s not always easy, but they get the job done, make our clients happy and give me the faith and trust that I don’t need to constantly look over their shoulder or worry when I’m not there.
  • Miss Sassy T, who keeps me in my place and loves me like no other.
  • All of my friends, too numerous to mention, who greet me with a smile and allow me to inform, rant, entertain or learn from them. Priceless!
  • My roommate Aric, who fixes and makes things and provides nearly round the clock security.
  • My friend and trainer Mark.
  • My doc Ned and his staff.
  • My chiropractor Shawn.
  • Julia, the most fantastic house cleaner imaginable. She will clean anything for me, does all my laundry, repairs rips and holes, packs my suitcase, brings me fresh tortillas and even cooks my breakfast!
  • My amazing jeweler Larry and my cobbler Pablo.
  • My “keeps me out of trouble” insurance guy Jeff.
  • My “fix anything” IT guy Chris.
  • My account Burt and bookkeeper Monica.
  • My attorneys Harvey and Evelyn and Jeff.
  • All of the people in my industry and the numerous organizations. They inspire me and help whenever I ask. I hope I help them as much.
  • My health, pretty good for 57; and my mind. I’m not remembering things like I used to but it is still curious, creative and full of humor.
  • My joy of beauty, art and nature and always ready to travel to see and experience different places.
  • My house, my car, my business.
  • Living in San Diego. Expensive yes, but paradise no less.
  • My awesome publicist Gayle for asking me to write this!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. What are YOU thankful for? Tell us in the comments section.