Grow Your Own Salad with Tower Garden

Newly offered product uses NASA technology of aeroponic gardening to produce fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs on demand with little space.

Missing out on fresh fruits and vegetables because you lack the real estate to plow the ground, sow some seeds and grow a garden? GreenScaped Buildings and Good earth Plants has every hobby gardener’s solution to the lack of space with the vertical Tower Garden by JuicePlus. Urban agriculture and small scale farming has never been so easy!

With just sun and access to a standard electrical outlet, your garden can be up and running in no time on your patio or deck. Because of its unique aeroponic technology and vertical design, Tower Garden uses less than 10% of the water and land required by traditional, soil-based agriculture. And forget about the back-breaking weeding and all of those pests that benefit from your green thumb.

Tower Gardens gives you the green for very little green—payments as low as $43/month! As vegetable and fruit prices soar, and foodborne illnesses threaten the food we eat, controlling your own growing environment is the best way to go.

Not a gardener? No worries as these easy-to-assemble, comprehensive Tower Gardens come with starter kits that will quickly get you started on growing 20 plants.

For more information or to order this product online, please visit our website at or contact Jim Mumford.

Tower Garden