Jim Mumford’s Thoughts on Union-Tribune News Coverage

Last Monday, I was thrilled to see the article on the front page of the Business section of U-T San Diego about our living walls and green roofs, with a large photo of me (above the fold) standing in front of one of our own living walls. There’s nothing like seeing your own grinning mug in the paper before you’ve had coffee on a Monday morning.  A friend and colleague in Arizona had already posted it on Facebook!

I am happy that both our company names are mentioned (Good Earth Plants and Greenscaped Buildings) and that in a section labeled “learn more” gave details about our open house and plant sale coming up April 19. It talked a little about our history and my personal life recounting how losing our home in the Cedar fire in 2003 (on my birthday no less!) has changed the direction of my life and career. As a consequence of my life change, I jumped into the niche of living architecture: designing, installing and maintaining living walls and green roofs.  The people, the opportunities and the recognition I have encountered along the way have opened me to a world of possibilities. Who would have guessed that I would be building an edible wall inside a restaurant for a chef to use as they needed herbs and vegetables?

The Good Earth Plants branch of the business is still the essence of our everyday. So when opening line of the article asked if you were “over the potted plant look,” rest assured we are STILL into potted plants and we love them! The current edition of our e-newsletter features Debbie Hopkins, our Plantscaping Operations Manager at Good Earth Plants. It is also available here on our website. Debbie is the essence of our plantscaping business. She runs it all, taking good care of our clients and employees, never missing a step and always with a smile

As for upcoming “stuff” that I mentioned in the news article, the Pure Fitness living wall at The Westgate Hotel will be absolutely spectacular. It was designed by the team at KTU&A along with our input and may be one of the most interesting and beautiful walls to date.

As a result of the article, friends and colleagues have been sending emails and have been posting on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And the phones keep ringing with questions about office plants, living walls, green roofs and an occasional question about how to keep a ficus alive.

It’s all good. It’s all green!