Let’s Talk About Biophilic Design

Thanks to the Cooleys for giving me their platform on "It's Your Life" to talk about biophilia and biophilic design.

Thanks to the Cooleys for giving me their platform on “It’s Your Life” to talk about biophilia and biophilic design.

There is only one thing I enjoy more than enriching peoples’ lives with plants at Good Earth Plant Company.

It’s talking to people about enriching their lives with plants – especially when I get to speak to a big audience.

This week, I made my third appearance on the daily talk show “It’s Your Life.” It is a podcast, livestream, and live YouTube show. Hosted by Dr. James Cooley and co-hosted and produced by his wife, Michelle Cooley. The Cooleys invite people from all walks of life with different professions and areas of expertise. Dr. Cooley is a motivational speaker and a retired Navy Officer with 23 years of service. He is a community activist, motivational speaker, husband, and father. AND a terrific radio host! I can’t do his biography justice – I encourage you to read it here.

Dr. James Cooley, host of the daily talk show, “It’s Your Life.”

On Tuesday, December 6, the Cooleys interviewed me about our work, especially the concepts of biophilia and biophilic design. It’s a more timely topic than ever. After working in this field for more than 40 years, I can’t recall when there was a greater thirst for information about biophilic design and its many benefits for our health and well-being.

Out of all the people who’ve interviewed me over the years, Dr. Cooley and Michelle Cooley are among my favorites. Dr. Cooley is enthusiastic and curious, perfect for a talk show host. His skills as a motivational speaker were shown during some of the show breaks. He got me even more pumped up than I already was about my favorite topic. Thanks so much to the Cooleys for an uplifting and fun experience.

If you missed the interview, you’re in luck! Watch it, and subscribe to see many other terrific interviews – and you will get a notice when I’m on the program again.

Do you have questions about biophilic design, working with plants and nature at your workplace, home, or commercial business? You don’t have to wait until I’m on the show again. Contact me at jim@goodearthplants.com or visit our website.

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