Plants With Purpose Thanks UCSD Hearts & Hands Volunteer Doula Program

Jim Mumford and Ann Fulcher from the UCSD Hearts.& Hands Volunteer Doula program.

The UCSD Hearts & Hands Volunteer Doula Program is the latest recipient of the Good Earth Plant Company “Plants with Purpose” nonprofit donation program. Good Earth provided orchids for the program’s annual “Comfort & Joy Volunteer Appreciation Dinner Party.

Orchids on their way to their new homes!

White orchids will go to the hardworking volunteer doulas as a thank you for all they do for new parents and babies.

The program’s mission is “to work within the UCSD Medical Center’s patient care team as volunteer birth assistants who provide non-clinical support in accordance with each mother’s preferences during her childbirth. To be a widely regarded, sustainable program model shown to enhance clinical outcomes and increase patient satisfaction.” Its goal is to provide every new mother delivering a baby at the UCSD Medical Center with access to a volunteer doula.

Orchids on their way to the holiday party.

One of our orchid recipients.

Our hard working doulas take a little time to celebrate the holidays with their new plants at Pinot’s Palette at Liberty Station.

Learn more about the program and its work on the UCSD Hearts & Hands Volunteer Doulas Facebook page.  It’s full of helpful information for new parents, and there are planty of heartwarming stories for anyone to enjoy.