Living Moss Walls

Show and Tell Time: Good Earth Plant Company’s New Living Moss Wall System

Jim Mumford with the new Living Moss Wall system at Good Earth Plant Company.
No one gets more excited about new products than we do at Good Earth Plant Company. We love the chance for a little show and tell, and we have something to show you this week. It’s a brand new living moss wall system. Take a look! The reason for the amber color is because the moss has been dormant and is just now actively growing. We expect to see it turn several beautiful shades of green. One of our hottest items for the last few years has been our moss walls. There’s no sign of their popularity slowing down any time soon.… Read More

New Living Moss Walls Change the Living Wall Landscape

One of the new living moss walls which will soon be available to our clients at Good Earth Plant Company.
During my 40 plus years bringing nature into workplaces, homes, and many other places, there have only been a handful of game changer type products or concepts. Even though I came around more recently to building green roofs (2007) and living walls, (2009), their origins go back thousands of years. The modern versions of  green roofs were developed in Germany in the 1960s, and living walls in France in the late 1970s. Since then, they have spread to most countries. This changed a few years ago when “moss walls” came along. Four years ago, we installed our first moss wall using preserved lichen (the same material used in model train sets) and they have caught fire with our clients and the rest of the world.… Read More