monkey faced orchids

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When you are in business it’s vital to listen to feedback from your clients to learn what’s working, what’s not working, and where you can improve. Let me tell you, sometimes it can be painful! But it is necessary. When I first started as a florist in the Plantscaping industry nearly four decades ago, we didn’t have any posts, tweets, snaps or chats to help us gather feedback. We had to get it the old fashioned way – by actually talking to people. In person! I won’t claim I walked several miles uphill through the snow to do it. Today, there is no excuse for anyone in business not to make at least a minimum effort to gather feedback and use it to improve products and services.… Read More

Freaky Friday Orchids

White Egret Orchid (Habenaria Radiata)
Our most popular blog post of all time is our Monkey Faced Orchids post. You can’t get enough of our photos of orchids that look like monkey faces. They really do! Orchids, like all flowers, exist in nature to facilitate pollination to continue their species. Flowers develop over time to attract certain friendly insects and birds, and to repel others. Some welcome bees, some are perfect for hummingbirds. The result of this functional need are orchids that look like bees, birds, and people. Even their colors develop in a way to attract the most desirable pollinators with the message “Hey everyone, tasty nectar right here!”… Read More

Halloween Décor, The Green Way

Halloween is just weeks away and it is time to decorate. If you want more than just a pumpkin and some spider webs in your office, what better to add than a few Halloween themed plants? Good Earth Plants employee and Eco-Warrior Alexa McEntarffer has her black lily on her desk. Check it out. Very creative! What decorations do you have? If you are one of our Good Earth Plant clients who receive our exceptional plant service, or if you’re maintaining your own plants, when decorating keep the fake cobwebs off your plants. It can harm the plants and be hard to remove.… Read More

Monkey Faced Orchids

We had so many readers interested in the Monkey-Faced orchid picture we posted, I thought I would pass along some quick information about them and about orchids in general. Besides being just about the cutest, funniest flora we’ve found, Monkey-Faced Orchids, or Grinning Monkey orchids live in the south-eastern Ecuadorian and Peruvian cloud forests at around 1000-2000 meters. Their scientific name is Dracula Simia-Dracula referring to the strange characteristic of the two long sepals, reminiscent of a certain Transylvanian count. Up in the cloud forests, these orchids can flower at any time-it’s not season specific and its’ scent resembles a very ripe orange. … Read More