Caring for a Christmas Tree: Debunking the Myths

Keep your Christmas tree as fresh as possible with tips from Good Earth Plant Company.

During the holiday season, we want to keep our Christmas trees looking green and lively to enjoy as long and as safely as possible. There are many myths circulating with tips on how to care for your Christmas tree. Which ones really work? Count on Good Earth Plant Company to tell you the truth about what works and what doesn’t.

Myth 1: Put an aspirin in the water because it helps the tree live longer.

Myth 2: Sugar in the water is good for the tree.

Myth 3: Let the tree sit outside in a bucket of water for 24 hours before setting it up in your house.

Are any of these myths true? No!

What really works:

Helpful Hint 1: Give the truck of the tree a fresh cut straight across the bottom, then immerse it in water as soon as you can. This allows the tree to absorb the water it needs.

Helpful Hint 2: Give the tree FRESH water frequently. Your tree drinks a gallon of water a day. Don’t let it get thirsty.

Helpful Hint 3: Keep the tree away from heat sources. Sure, it looks great by a fireplace. But not only is it bad for the tree to be near heat, it is a major safety hazard.

Helpful Hint 4: When deciding how much water to add to the base, measure the diameter of your tree trunk in inches. The amount of quarts of water in the base should be equal to the diameter of the tree in inches. For example, if your tree has an eight inch diameter, you should add eight quarts of water (Source: National Christmas Tree Association).

These are beautiful scenes, but be cautious when placing your tree near a heat source like this fireplace.

Following these simple tips will ensure a fresh and lively Christmas tree that will last for your family through the holiday season. When the season is over, don’t forget to recycle your tree to maximize its eco-friendliness.

Looking for a place to recycle after the holidays in San Diego? Click this link to find your closest drop off location in the City of San Diego.

The Good Earth Plants Family wishes you Happy Holidays!