Celebrating National Indoor Plant Week!

Benefits of Indoor Plants Good Earth Plant Company San DIegoBenefits of Indoor Plants

Benefits of Indoor Plants Good Earth Plant Company San DIegoBenefits of Indoor Plants

It’s one of our favorite occasions this week at Good Earth Plant Company: National Indoor Plant Week. It is the third week of September each year, which is this week.

We talk about indoor plants and plantscaping a lot, and not just because it’s our business. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks indoor air pollution as one of the top threats to public health. That means YOUR health if you work indoors for multiple hours per day in an office environment. What’s even more awful is that most people have no idea how many pollutants they breathe in every single day.

Indoor plants are health heroes, because they can literally change lives by reducing these pollutants from the air, just by being added to your office environment. If that isn’t enough of a benefit, they also decrease stress, enhance productivity and connect people with the outdoors, boosting your overall well-being. Imagine a workplace where you leave at the end of the day healthier than you started. It’s possible with indoor plants!

We spend as much as 90 percent of our lives indoors between work and home. Our exposure to this indoor pollution is directly linked to the rise in allergic reactions and chronic fatigue. Do you go home from work every day just plain feeling beat? Try putting a few plants around you, and you might find that your energy level improves. Plants release oxygen, remove carbon dioxide and Volatile Organic Compounds from indoor spaces.

They also brighten any room with their color and foliage.

Good Earth Plants can get you started as we celebrate by spreading awareness on the benefits of having indoor plants in your work and home environment.

Anyone can participate in this holiday. Do your part with something as simple as giving a plant to a friend. You’re giving them the gift of good health, removing stress, and beautifying their environment. We are giving away drought tolerant succulents to all our clients!

You are also reducing noise and helping them connect with nature. Don’t be surprised if their productivity goes up, and the number of sick days goes down.

Want more ideas on how to celebrate National Indoor Plant Week along with us at Good Earth Plant Company? Visit the website devoted to this event.