Disguised as a Volunteer



There are Angels walking the trails at the Escondido Creek Conservancy. They are also happily hiking Mission Trails, Torrey Pines State Park and numerous other locales filled with regional flora and wildlife. You may not recognize them as they might be wearing a vest with pockets, a shirt with a badge or maybe just a plastic nametag.

These Angels are the volunteers at our local parks, preserves and wildlife areas. They don’t get paid, but instead they “pay it forward” to eager children and interested adults who wander these local paths.

While indulging in a good read of the UT San Diego , I came across an article about one such Angel, 54 year-old Donna Walker.  While some women’s pockets might be filled with lipgloss or a cell phone, Donna’s are filled with acorns, show-and-tell snakeskins and habitat information cards. Go Donna!

She volunteers her time on the trails at the Escondido Creek Conservancy and describes her time as a trail guide as “joyful.” What a champ. So few of us take time from life to share knowledge with others…and even fewer spend time sharing the joy of the little things that nature has to offer.

We have so little nature left in our backyards that it’s a great to hear about those who spend time helping share it with the next generation. And to find someone like Donna who is filled with enthusiasm is a treat.

Here’s to the UT San Diego and writer Karla Peterson for sharing Donna’s story with us, and here’s to Donna and her beautiful pockets filled with acorns.

Read the story about Donna here.