See you at Good Earth Plants’ Summer Open House/Plant Sale

Open House and Plant Sale

Kerry 009

We know it’s warm outside. We have ice-cold water for you to sip (guzzle) and fresh cookies to munch on as you stroll our improved headquarters office, warehouse and nursery. You’ll be able to tour our newest additions. We’ve expanded and brought in two brand new offices in a “trailer” nestled among our patio garden.

For those who have never been here, we hope you come. The demonstration garden is full of different systems and plants. Depending on timing, we have green roof or living wall elements being prepped and ready to go to job sites. You can see and touch anything form a hydroponically based living walls to our new low water use soil substitute “brownies.” Can you imagine your very own living wall as an entry feature to your own home? Or a Tower Garden on your sunny patio that will fill a salad bowl many times over during a season?

We even have our offices filled with living walls so you can see what an indoor project would look like. If your floor space is limited, how about putting living plants on a wall? They are not only beautiful but they help clean the interior air and have been known to increase work productivity. Plants help make you happy! Our friendly crew will answer questions and wrap up your plant purchases so they travel home safely.

We’ll also we giving tours up on our very own eco-roof via the scissor lift. Our rooftop garden is the first on an existing structure in San Diego and we are very proud to welcome guests to take a look.

Back to sweeping up and getting ready for Friday. See you here!

The Open House and Plant Sale will be held on Friday, July 26 from 11:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. at 7922 Armour Street, San Diego, 92111. Parking is VERY limited. We suggest carpooling! To RSVP, please contact