IGNITE! PIA Expo, Las Vegas

Plantscape Industry Alliance



Is it really August already? It seems like only yesterday school was letting out and I had an entire summer to look forward to.

Work goes on and this week, I am in Las Vegas for the 2013 Plantscape Industry Alliance Expo (PIA). What a great group of people. I have been fortunate enough to have been a board member for 10 years and an executive director for two years. People with PIA are the decision makers and movers and shakers in the plant industry today and tomorrow.

After two years of no responsibilities when attending the PIA Expo, leisurely viewing exhibits and catching up with colleagues I was once again asked to be a speaker. No problem!

For me, public speaking comes easy when I am passionate about my topic. It’s easy to be passionate when I get Green Roofs as a topic.  The format of the program keeps with the IGNITE process of presentation using images and just a few minutes to speak along with my 3 other presenters. I show 20 slides, with 15 seconds on each slide for a total presentation time of only five minutes. It’s kind of like a mash up of my TED talk and the San Diego Architectural Foundation’s PechaKucha Night. If you caught either of these presentations it all makes sense. The format makes for succinct and stimulating presentations with plenty of feedback from the audience afterward.

I hope to share my passion about these living architectural projects and take the audience along on my path of discovery to this new branch of our business. I am presenting some amazing images of Green Roof projects we have completed.  With a room filled with plant professionals, I am confident we can showcase and inspire them to see what GreenScaped Buildings has accomplished that t6hey might accomplish as well.

What brings me to a question for you. What IGNITES your passion? It just takes a spark and a moment. Send me your thoughts through Facebook or our website at www.goodearthplants.com

Thank you!