Flowers and World Peace: Why Not?


“Sweet flowers alone can say what passion fears revealing.” – Thomas Hood

Watch any news and you’ll see constant discussion on war in the Middle East.

Perhaps things would be different if plants were involved. At Good Earth Plants, we think it couldn’t hurt.

The olive branch is the symbol of peace. Wouldn’t it be a better world if olive branches were exchanged instead of bullets?

Throughout history, people have used the gift of plants and flowers to communicate human emotions. Many of us know the red rose stands for love, and the daisy for happiness.

Good Earth Plant Company wants to widen your plant vocabulary so the next time you give flowers or a plant as gift, it will hold a deeper meaning.

  • Dark Pink Rose: Gratitude – “I appreciate you.”
  • White Daisy: Innocence – “A gift for you, child.”
  • Purple Lilac: First Love – (isn’t this one obvious?)
  • Orchid: Mature Charm – “I respect you.”
  • Baby’s Breath: Pure of Heart – “You are very kind.”
  • White Carnation: Remember Me – “This is not good bye.”
  • Fern: Confidence  – “Good Luck. You can do this.”


This is just a start. One great place to learn about plant and flower meanings: Shakespeare. Read any Shakespeare and you will notice the many flowers referenced in his work. There is always a hidden meaning, and you’ll have fun figuring it out. (We will leave all his hidden dirty language for another post).

Next time you give a plant as a gift, consider what you are truly saying and also what you might not intend to say. Spread olive branches and red roses, not hate. Maybe our world would be a more peaceful place if we communicated with plants and flowers more often.