Good Earth Plants in the Spotlight on San Diego 6

Good Earth Plant Company had the opportunity this week to appear on San Diego 6 Morning News with anchor Heather Myers to talk about toxins lurking in the air in our indoor environments, and how adding plants can help clean the air and improve both your physical and mental health. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? If you missed it, you can check it out here: Those few minutes on TV are precious and we don’t want to waste a second of it. For every interview like mine you see, there is a ton of preparation. First of all, when you see us at 7:30 a.m.… Read More

Flowers and World Peace: Why Not?

“Sweet flowers alone can say what passion fears revealing.” – Thomas Hood Watch any news and you’ll see constant discussion on war in the Middle East. Perhaps things would be different if plants were involved. At Good Earth Plants, we think it couldn’t hurt. The olive branch is the symbol of peace. Wouldn’t it be a better world if olive branches were exchanged instead of bullets? Throughout history, people have used the gift of plants and flowers to communicate human emotions. Many of us know the red rose stands for love, and the daisy for happiness. Good Earth Plant Company wants to widen your plant vocabulary so the next time you give flowers or a plant as gift, it will hold a deeper meaning.… Read More

Good Earth Plants Thanks You For Visiting Our Open House

We love having our friends, family, clients and colleagues visit Good Earth Plant Company for our Open House and Plant Sale - or anytime at all!
  “April Showers bring May Flowers….” While we certainly needed the rain, my fingers were crossed for sunny skies Friday, April 24 as we hosted our spring Good Earth Plants Open House and Plant Sale. While it wasn’t exactly sunny, we did manage to hold off the rain until later that night and have a tremendous Open House that day. And the wind? What’s a little breeze! Our semi-annual event brought record-breaking numbers of new guests to view eight different types of green roofs and two dozen living wall displays that interested a number of architects, landscape architects and interior designers, not to mention a few potential customers.… Read More

Planting A Seed: Remembering Loren Nancarrow

So much has already been said about San Diego environmental reporter and author Loren Nancarrow following his death from brain cancer at age 60 last week. The feelings of loss and sadness expressed by so many people were a tribute to how much of an impact he had made, probably more than he realized. Loren was one of the first members of the San Diego media to recognize the importance of rethinking our relationship to the environment and nature. It went beyond just the general gardening tips and maybe water use tips that you would read reports about or see on TV from time to time.… Read More

Bioinspiration: Letting Nature Inspire Your Work

This week wasn’t about the usual business of green roofs and living walls. I jumped outside the box, exited my silo and spent time at events that remind me of what else is out there. I attended a Downtown San Diego Partnership workshop featuring Fred Kent of Project for Public Spaces. I first heard Fred speak at the Greening the City symposium in March 2006 at Liberty Station. It was there that I was exposed to the idea of green roofs. My passion was ignited. I went on to take a course in New York and studied Fred’s concepts about energizing, engaging and programming public places to build communities.… Read More

A Little Something About Paying It Forward with Plants

Smiling Monkey Faced Orchid
Besides Valentine’s Day, when was the last time someone sent you something out of the blue? Like flowers, or a Hallmark card or a little gift? Didn’t it make you feel special? While doing some social media tidbits on our colorful orchids, I was struck by how many people commented on how beautiful our orchids are and how much they would love to have one on their desk. It reminds me of how fortunate I am to have a demonstration garden and shade house full of plants and flowers. Granted, some of it gets rotated out for delivery, but on any given day I can take a few minutes and get inspired just by walking around the “nature” we have here.… Read More

Plant A Garden, Add a Kid, Watch Them Grow!

Every now and then, I get a reality check when it comes to my kids. I am sure this happens to every parent…you’ll be driving along or just working through your day and something occurs to you about how different your own childhood was compared to your kids today. I remember long summer days when I was set loose with a PB&J sandwich and my bike (no helmet). Time was measured by light through the neighborhood trees and the sound of the Ice Cream truck. My acceptable range of travel was about nine blocks. I didn’t have a cell phone. I was expected home for dinner in reasonable condition at a reasonable time.… Read More

Want A Garden On Your Wall? U-T San Diego, March 10, 2013

If you’re over the potted-plant look and have some tax money to spend on your home or business, one thing to consider is a wall garden or green roof. This special niche in the landscaping world remains relatively unknown but has in recent years attracted big-time clients like celeb chef Mario Batali, SDG&E and Fashion Valley Mall in Mission Valley, a major regional mall in Southern California. The firm that served those clients and many more is Good Earth Plants, which evolved from a downtown San Diego plant kiosk to a warehouse space in Kearny Mesa. It also birthed sister company Greenscaped Buildings.… Read More

GreenScaped Buildings Installs Living Wall at Fashion Valley – Mission Times Courier

Shoppers enjoying their next trip to the popular Fashion Valley in San Diego will be greeted by a beautiful and unexpected sight, thanks to the installation of a cutting-edge “living wall” at the property this week. The first of its kind at a San Diego County retail property, living walls or green walls are structures that allow plant materials to grow on a building, but have the added benefit of allowing them to grow on vertical spaces indoors or outdoors. Both types of walls grow in “found space,” using far less space than typical gardens. Living walls can be planted with a wide variety of plants.… Read More

Seed Bombs in San Diego County

I saw a gumball vending machine, put in two quarters, turned the knob, and out rolled a brown seed bomb??  Wait a second…this isn’t a gumball machine! Recently, seed bomb vending machines have been popping up in San Diego and New York areas thanks to Jim Mumford at Greenscaped Buildings’ brilliant idea for unofficial planting.  He uses repurposed dispensers that hold little seed bombs of native flower seeds and compost held together by clay.  How cute is that?!  A little ball of flower seeds perfect for a mini explosion of native wildflowers on a neighbors’ lawn or between cracks in the sidewalk.… Read More