Good Earth Plant Company Show and Tell at the Mingei

Outside of my family of course, there isn’t much I love more than bringing nature and plants into places people work, live, and play. I’m still just as enthusiastic about my mission as I was when I bought my original bucket stand selling flowers and then plants downtown nearly 40 years ago.

What comes close is TALKING about the power of nature and plants to make our lives better. If a group of people invites me to come to their conference or meeting or program, they do not have to ask twice. I want people in the audience to walk away with a new way of appreciating nature and with some ideas for incorporating nature into their workplaces and homes.

How much do I love giving presentations to groups about nature and wellbeing? THIS much!

Recently, I spoke an at event at the Mingei International Museum organized by the San Diego chapters of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and the Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD). Called “Art, Design, and Commerce,” the program was described as “a crafty line-up of speakers that will explore contemporary themes of retail environments and graphic design in a series of quickfire presentations.” Right up my alley!

Since my presentation was recorded, I decided to share it with you for a change in my usual weekly blog post.


I’ve given many presentations on topics like this. I have never had such a lively, engaged, intersting audience. What an eclectic mix of smart, forward-thinking designers! They work in packaging, window displays, technology, traditional print graphic design, and city planning. I enjoyed the experience and my presentation was very well received. My thanks to everyone at AIGA, SEGD and the Mingei for hosting this event.