Hear Jim Mumford on “Communities Digital News Hour” Thursday, Feb 5

Jim Mumford of Good Earth Plants in San Diego on Communities Digital News Hour radio, commdiginews.com

Jim Mumford of Good Earth Plants in San Diego on Communities Digital News Hour radio, commdiginews.com

If you know anything about Good Earth Plant Company from reading our blog page, you know how much we all love what we do to enhance and transform our clients’ environment, health and well-being with plants and flowers.

A very close second is educating people about the many benefits of plants. I never miss an opportunity to communicate all the ways human beings rely on plants and benefit from them, and the need for us to think about how to preserve and cultivate more plants in our urban environment. If you’ve heard me you know how enthusiastic I can get!

I have a new opportunity to reach more people through a regular column starting this week with the online news organization Communities Digital News, based in Washington DC. My first column ran on Monday. If you didn’t catch it, read it hereListen to Jim Mumford of Good Earth Plant Company on Communities Digital News Hour

Communities Digital News also produces several online radio talk shows including one every Thursday afternoon called “Critical Conversations.” As its newest columnists, I will be a guest on Thursday, February 5, at about 4 p.m. Visit the Communities website to find the show link and listen. You can even send a question or chat with us online.

If you don’t have a chance to listen live, recorded podcasts of every show are always available on the Communities website here.

You know the saying about the tree falling in the forest, and whether it makes a sound if there’s no one around to hear it? We can’t afford to be silent about the many issues involving our planet. Do your part, listen in and share the information from the radio show and this blog too with your family, friends, and colleagues. If everyone changed just one bad habit, and did one thing to bring nature and plants into their daily lives, we would do a lot to improve the health of Mother Nature and our own well-being, too.