It Starts Today – Let’s Help Our Environment

Environment, global warming

It feels like every news broadcast I watch has been filled with more and more tragic news, from devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma and Texas, to school shootings and terrorism attacks all over the world. I feel so helpless to do something to help or change the situation. Some of the heartbreaking news is man-made, and some of it beyond our control.

In particular, the weather has been so crazy. Nightly weather broadcasts have taken on a sometimes frightening appearance. Happy broadcasters used to point to smiling-faced sun cutouts and cheerfully report holding an umbrella during rainy days. No more.Environment, global warming

The weather around the world has seemingly taken on a harsher quality. Since Hurricane Katrina, I have been paying closer attention to the weather extremes. I have wondered why has it changed so dramatically? Has it changed dramatically? Or is it that there are more people in more areas? Or just better news coverage of every square inch of earth?

When I was a kid in San Diego, I remember bringing a jacket to school because it was COLD in winter. Now it seems fewer and farther between cold days that require a coat or sweater. And if I do, I am peeling it off pretty fast! But I DO see my gas and electric bills going up in summer because the A/C is on so often.

It has happened in my lifetime. IN OUR LIFETIME. The weather his changing. We have some of the technology and systems we need to make things better, maybe. We have some of the answers – but not all of them. We know how to move away from carbon based energy sources: electric cars, wind power, solar energy. We could conceivably just wake up one day and say “It starts today!” and make things different and BETTER for the environment. Stop polluting our air and water would be a good start. It may not change anything overnight, but imagine if one community or one city or one state got together and did the same thing. Imagine!

My heart goes out to those in Oklahoma who are dealing with such tragedy. I hope they can rebuild their lives along with their neighborhoods. And I hope those who can do so open up their hearts and wallets and give them a hand in doing so.

And I hope we can continue to imagine what might be possible if we just do one thing, to help our environment.