San Diego: Living in a Sustainable Paradise

Sustainable Paradise

We are so lucky to live in San Diego!

Aside from the beautiful beaches, parks, local mountains and particularly the people, San Diego is chock full of brilliant individuals and groups who think ahead when it comes to city and neighborhood planning.

For the past four years, I have been fortunate to be a member of such a great group called C-3 (Citizens Coordinate for Century 3.) As our name suggests, we are a group of forward-thinkers from politicians to architects to artist and just about everyone in between (including green roof and living wall contractors).

C-3 is dedicated to helping improve the livability of San Diego in many ways. Imagine knowing that the office being constructed down the street was designed as Zero Net Energy, using only energy from renewable sources generated on-site. Or being able to walk a block down your street to a community garden to snip some fresh parsley for your spaghetti sauce.

The C-3 meeting in July focused on Eco-Districts. Soon you’ll be hearing this term on a regular basis. An Eco-District designates an urban plan to integrate the objectives of Sustainable Development and reduce the Ecological Footprint of the project. This helps make us all responsible guardians of the resources we have within our neighborhoods and cities. North Park has been an “Eco-District” for three years and soon both South and Mission Beach will follow with their own concepts.

It takes special people like those of us at C-3 to make it happen. This diverse group of unique individuals are thinking: What resources can we preserve in the next 10 years? Fifty years? One hundred years? I like the idea of a garden being around for 50 years.

Keep an eye on all of us at C-3 and be open to thinking “outside the box” when it comes becoming a responsible guardian of San Diego’s natural beauty.

And make sure the box is recyclable.

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