Our Biophilia Connection to Nature

Nature with waterfall

nature water falls

At some time in life, we all become interested in something new and different. Maybe we take up making sushi or read a book on building a treehouse and get inspired to make one. For me I am intrigued by the word biophilia. I got interested in it years ago and whenever I see an article about it I think…hey! I was thinking about that years ago!

Your next question might be: what is biophilia? And why does it haunt Jim Mumford?

Here’s my best shot at a definition. Biophilia is basically an appreciation of life, nature, science and the living world. Simple. The hypothesis of biophilia is that all humans have a deep affiliation to nature that is rooted in our own biology. We are connected to everything living because somewhere deep inside, we are wired to be so.

These genetic memory marks are sometimes called “instincts,” and I believe it. Why do ordinary people  care for and sometimes risk their life to save domestic and wild animals? Why do we feel a NEED to surround ourselves with plants and flowers in our homes, workplace and during our leisure time? When we go shop for food at Vons or Ralph’s, there is a flower and plant department. Hmm… Can it be that plants and flowers are as important to us as food?

I think so.

The founding fathers of New York City believed everyone needed a green space to enjoy. Complete with trees, flowers, birds and even an occasional deer, Central Park was designed. We protect open spaces and living things with our lives. Ask the seals in La Jolla. Everyone has an opinion about the situation at Children’s Pool and our furry friends the seals. Some are passionate about protecting their rights. Others are as passionate about not protecting them. But the key is there is PASSION.

If you have a moment, look up the Icelandic recording artist Bjork’s website and take a listen to her album “Biophilia.” She has created an album that “reconnects musicology with nature.” Called “sonically brilliant, emotionally stirring,” her music may not be for everyone but it sure gets people talking.

And if I can get one person to talk about biophilia, maybe it will stop haunting me.