Make it a Green Christmas: Give Plants, The Gift That Grows

photoJust as the turkey leftovers are gobbled up and Aunt Sue is tucked onto her flight back to Scottsdale, the holidays are officially upon us. People stood in line at Target, Wal-Mart and Best Buy for hours to purchase electronics, socks and warm coats for holiday gifts on Black Friday. Those happy shoppers waddled to their cars with their treasures sure to be ripped open and fawned over Christmas Day. Oh Joy!

But what about three months from now? Or three years?

I am a huge believer in giving plants and flowers as gifts. It’s not just because I am in the business. Giving a living plant or flowers as a gift makes sense on many levels:

  • They are beautiful to look at
  • They help in the production of oxygen
  • Studies show that an environment with plants creates a feeling of well-being

A plant is truly a gift that keeps on giving in so many ways and it is always the perfect fit for men, women or children.

Flowers and plants are symbolic. We all know red roses symbolize love. A gift of clover is thought to bring good luck. In Asian cultures, bamboo is considered to be a gift of longevity and grace.

Finding the right flower to give takes thought. Imagine presenting the bride and groom with a potted Peace Lily complete with a big white satin bow. The happy couple can watch their gift grow and provide large white flowers for years to come.

As you look over your lengthy gift list this year, I hope you will consider the gift of a living plant, flowers, maybe even a tree. Add a big bow or a few Christmas decorations to make it special. Then sit back and watch it grow as your recipient (hopefully) cares for it with love and attention. They will think of you every time it provides color, fragrance, or shade.

Long ago, the Romans passed olive branches to each other as a gesture of Peace. In the Spirit of the Season, I wish you Peace, Love and Joy in abundance. And a colorful bromeliad or two.

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