Plants Add Finishing Touch To Luxury Living In La Jolla

Good Earth Plant Company works most often on larger commercial projects in office buildings, hotels, restaurants, technology and biotech properties, shopping centers, and retail businesses.

When we get the opportunity to work on a residential project, it’s a treat and a special responsibility.

Plants Add Finishing Touch

How do you make a spectacular custom oceanfront home in La Jolla even better? With plants of course!

We recently completed our second project for luxury homebuilder Blue Heron Homes. Even their name tells you something about this Las Vegas-based builder. It chose Blue Heron because it “represents something beautiful and unexpected, yet organic and naturally occurring.” Blue Heron designs home in harmony with the environment.

Blue Heron called on us for plantscaping design services adding plants to a brand-new oceanfront home in La Jolla. To call it spectacular is an understatement. It’s called “The Ora House.” It is a modern design using natural materials with indoor-outdoor living spaces connecting with its Pacific Ocean environment.

Plants Add Finishing Touch

How do you make a spectacular custom oceanfront home in La Jolla even better? With plants of course!

The property is now for sale, and we can show you our work in this full video tour of the $32.5 million property. We wanted to soften the modern lines of the home’s interior with plants, bringing nature inside without compromising or distracting from the views. Outside, we also used plants to provide privacy screening from the neighboring homes.

While we always prioritize using living plants, for this project we used UV-protected replica plants while the home is on the market. Getting access to properly maintain and care for the plants to keep them looking their best wasn’t practical. As you’ll also see in the video, several of the areas didn’t get enough light.

Enjoy a look at this amazing home. Even if you can’t put in a bid, let it inspire you to bring nature into your own surroundings through plants and other natural materials.

The wall panels used in this luxury bathroom were customized for builder Blue Heron by our designer Rachel Hecathorn.

A big thank you to our friends at Autograph Foliages for supplying us with top-quality greenery for our designs.

You don’t need to have a multi-million dollar waterfront home to benefit from biophilic design. Good Earth Plant Company believes EVERYONE deserves to enrich their lives with plants. Get in touch with us at 858-576-9300 or on our Contact Us page and add the luxury of Nature to your life.

The bedroom has an adjoining bath open to the sky to let in natural light.


Plants Add Finishing Touch

We created the atrium planter under the stairwell to the right.