Six Nature Videos to Savor From Good Earth Plant Company

The amazing, awe-inspiring Ōhaupō Tree Church In New Zealand is made from living trees. Photo: The Ōhaupō TreeChurch

We love nature videos. We post them from time to time on our Good Earth Plant Company Facebook page (and we hope you’re following us).

I’m guessing you might have a little extra time this week? So we decided to step aside from our usual blog format and share some of our favorites with you.

Amazing Amazonia

In 2018, my son Ted and I took a trip through the Pantanal region south of the Amazon forest in Brazil. Talk about being immersed in nature! So I was thrilled when one of my favorite YouTube channels, Conservation International, produced a video a few weeks ago on the Amazon. Famous people provide narration. For this one, Grammy-winning Colombian singer Catalina Garcia provides the narration in Spanish. But you won’t need any translation. I hope you’ll watch some of the other videos too.

Cool Backyard Treehouses

One of my first ever blog posts (in 2013!)was about my love for treehouses. So I had to include at least ONE treehouse video on my list. If you crave even more, check out the Discovery Channel’s “Treehouse Masters” show on Animal Planet. Friends and colleagues Melissa and Tony Caggianom the owners of Plant Connection in Long Island, built a living wall on a treehouse! NOTE: The video works, just click and go!

New Zealand Tree Church

If you love treehouses, it means you also love trees. In New Zealand, Brian Cox “grew” a church out of living trees. It took him four years, and it’s truly awe-inspiring no matter what you believe. I’ve also seen innovative nurseries “grow” chairs!

Japanese Bamboo Forest Bathing — Surround Yourself With Sound

Bamboo plants aren’t trees, (technically grasses) but there are amazing forests made of bamboo in Japan. One of the most beautiful is on the southern island of Kyushu in Kagoshima. This is a sub-tropical area, something we don’t often associate with Japan. This video helps give you the feeling of Japanese Shirin-Yoku, or “forest bathing.”

Japanese culture embraces the physiological and psychological benefits of nature. Did you know that you can reduce your stress and blood pressure just by sitting in nature? And breathe deep. The aromatic compounds in forests help our immune systems fight disease and cancer. Even if you can’t get outside, play this video in the background during your workday and let the sounds wash over you. I bet you’ll be more productive.

Can Plants Dance?

 You might not think plants move, but you’d be wrong. Plants are phototropic, meaning they turn towards light sources. We don’t perceive it, because they move too slowly for the human eye. Watch this time-lapse video and you’ll be amazed how alive the plants around us really are.

10 Reasons Why Nature Is The Best Medicine

We have written about this in dozens of ways over the years, but the message is more important than ever. So we saved the most important and inspiring video for last. Notice the incredible diversity and differences in the settings, all of them so beautiful.

After you watch, get outside and get out there too!

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