Your Questions About Moss Walls Answered

One of our most popular moss walls is in this Los Angeles office lobby.

Moss walls can fit in any space under conditions where a living wall isn’t feasible. Contact Good Earth Plants if we can add one to your office OR your home!We predicted two years ago in this blog moss walls would become the hottest trend in interior Plantscaping. Here’s the original post just to prove it.

We had no idea how right we were! Moss walls are hotter than ever. They are the perfect alternative when a traditional green living wall isn’t feasible. In many ways, moss walls have significant advantages: they can be installed nearly anywhere at less cost, with zero maintenance. They offer opportunities for creativity beyond what we can do with traditional living walls. Wow, what’s not to like?

Since moss walls are still fairly new, we get a lot of questions about them at Good Earth Plant Company. We decided to devote a blog post to answering some of the most common questions we get.

Q. Are moss walls really made of the stuff that grows on rocks?
A. Yes! They are made from a plant we call reindeer or caribou moss, but this is actually a form of lichen, one of the world’s most ancient plant forms.  Good Earth Plant Company sources its moss products from across the nation and Canada. One of our major suppliers of pre-made moss panels is from Italy. Its natural lichen is sustainably grown and harvested in the Netherlands, and then preserved and dyed in France using a nontoxic resin. The government program in France utilizes a labor force of autistic adults. What a great back-story!

Some companies harvest wild moss or lichen, which can have a negative impact on the local environment. We are very careful to know out sources. Make sure the supply for your wall is eco-friendly and responsible.

Q. Are moss walls alive like living walls?
A. Our moss walls are not living like our traditional living walls with plants like ferns or sedums. But the moss material was once a living, growing plant which has been carefully preserved to create the beautiful textured panels we use to create a moss wall.

Q. Do moss walls need to be watered?
A. No, no plumbing or irrigation needed at all.

Q. Do moss walls need light?
A. No. As a matter of fact, sunlight will fade them. They are ideal for dark spaces. You can put decorative lighting on them to add drama.

Q. How much less does a moss wall cost compared to the same size living wall?
A. While there are a lot of factors that impact cost, such as design, transportation, and installation, in general a moss wall is less expensive than a living wall, as much as 40 percent. Where an owner also saves money is on the cost of ongoing maintenance. You cannot skimp on maintenance on a living wall, or it will look terrible quickly. A moss wall requires the proper humidity, and protection from direct sunlight. That’s about it.

Moss walls couldn’t be hotter and they’re only increasing in popularity for many reasons. Photo: Courtesy Steve Foster

Q. Can moss walls be installed anywhere?
A.     The short answer is nearly anywhere, but not everywhere:
•You can’t put a moss wall outside in direct sunlight, or it will be scorched.
•You can’t put a moss wall up in a dry area. Moss walls require a minimum level of humidity to look good, about 40 to 50 percent.
•You shouldn’t put a moss wall near heating or air conditioning vents. The blasts of hot or cold dry air will ruin it.
•You can’t put a moss wall where it might get wet (near running water, spigots, sinks, fountains, etc.).

You CAN put a moss wall in a dark place. They don’t need light to grow. You don’t have to water them like a plant either. As long as there is enough humidity in the air, you can leave a moss wall inside in the dark for a week while you’re on vacation and it will be just fine.

Q. Do you need to have any reinforcements made to your walls to have a moss wall installed?
A. Not at all! Moss walls are incredibly lightweight for their size, especially compared to the same sized living wall. This is another advantage. And since they don’t require irrigation, you don’t have to compensate for the additional weight from retained water.

Q. Are moss walls completely maintenance-free? Really?
A. While moss walls don’t require ongoing care in the way of irrigation, trimming, or feeding, they do require a minimal level of attention. In addition to making sure your moss wall receives the proper amount of humidity, you should schedule an annual “tune-up” for your moss wall. Technicians can check to make sure the wall is still secure and individual moss panels or pieces are all holding in place. It should be cleaned to remove any dust or random spider webs, and have a fresh layer of preservative applied to keep it looking its very best.

Moss walls in creative designs are hotter than ever and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Q. So what can I do with a moss wall?
A. The potential for design is limited only by the creativity of the people involved. Moss walls can take on many different shapes, and the moss itself can be dyed virtually any color. Different types of moss and faux plants can be added for a very interesting effect. Think of it more as choosing fabric to make into clothing. Your choices of colors and patterns are nearly unlimited.

Good Earth Plant Company has created moss walls cut into shapes like letters. Many of our projects incorporate signage. One of most popular is corporate name “Classy” hanging in the lobby of an office building. It’s a selfie magnet! We created another for a restaurant using a repeated symbol design in a bright red color against a variegated green moss background. Sometimes, a large expanse of uninterrupted bright green makes its own unique statement. We’ve seen far more creative ideas around the world.

An office like this is a nightmare of noise and distractions. Moss walls can help significantly with sound reduction.

Q. Are there any other benefits to moss walls?

A. A key benefit especially for an open office setting is noise reduction. Distractions from noise is one of the top complaints from employees in workplace with open layouts. When scientists meansure sound attenuation, they use “Noise Reduction Coefficients” (NRC) ratings, which range from 0 to 1. An NRC of 0 means that the product absorbs no sound. An NRC of 1 means that the product absorbs all sound. The higher the NRC, the better the product is at soaking up sound. Reindeer moss walls have been tested and found to have a NCR rating of .9, exceptionally efficient.

Q. Are moss walls only good for large spaces or businesses?
A. No, moss walls aren’t restricted to commercial use. Because of their flexibility, ease of installation and maintenance and lower cost, they’re ideal for any home or business where one can be accommodated. For example, a 2’ x 3’ moss wall can incorporate a frame and appear as if “living art”! And they ship anywhere.

Moss walls can fit in any space under conditions where a living wall isn’t feasible. Contact Good Earth Plants if we can add one to your office OR your home!

Q. How do I order one from Good Earth Plant Company?
A. I thought you’d never ask! Call us at 858-576-9300 or email us at  Every moss wall is custom designed. Let us come out (or send us a picture), and we’ll assess the space and learn more about your ideas so we can provide you a plan including a design and an estimate.

If we didn’t answer your question here, email us at anytime. We love it when someone asks us a question we’ve never heard before. We promise to investigate and respond with accurate information for you. Test us!

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