Go Green This Halloween – Recycle Your Pumpkins

Don't be an environmental meanie after Halloween: recycle your pumpkins. Photo: Arnica Backstrom / Pixabay
It’s Halloween today, and 180 million Americans of all ages plan to take part in some kind of festivities today. We’re all about it at Good Earth Plant Company, because so much of Halloween connects with nature. Around this time of year, the seasons are making the transition from the last summer harvest to the cooler, darker days of fall and winter. We make the fall time change this Sunday, November 2. Irish immigrants brought their beliefs about nature to the United States. They explained the natural processes they saw happening during the seasons on magical spirits. It’s not surprising when you think about pre-industrial people trying to make sense of the world without sophisticated science.… Read More

Eeek! Ten Monstrous Plants For Halloween

People love being scared. We love it so much we have an entire holiday devoted to scary things: Halloween. Science backs up the reasons why we love horror movies and celebrate creepy things: we embrace the excitement and energy part of the “fight or flight” instinct. So we get ourselves all worked up to get that rush from screaming and getting freaked out. Everyone has their favorite monsters. Some people dress up like them. I have my favorite monsters too – and they are plants! There are some seriously dangerous plants that can inflict injuries from annoying to serious. Some of them can kill you with their poisonous ways.… Read More

We’re Out Of Our Gourd About Halloween

Americans really love Halloween. Really, really love it! The National Retail Federation projects total spending this Halloween of $9.1 billion, with 179 million Americans planning to take part in festivities of some kind. For every three dollars spent on a child’s costume, another dollar is spent on a pet’s costume. Here’s even more proof: Out of the 50 plus blog posts we published in 2016, our blog post about Halloween pumpkins was one of the most popular, especially on the popular sharing website StumbleUpon. We are all about giving our readers what they want, so we will return to one of our favorite topics at this time of year.… Read More

Halloween: Good Earth Plant Company’s Favorite Biophilic Holiday

No one loves Halloween more than California’s farmers, because we live in one of the top five pumpkin producing states. And everyone knows you can’t have Halloween without pumpkins! The others are Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Eighty percent of our U.S. pumpkin crop is available in the month of October. Displaying a pumpkin or carving one into a traditional Jack-O-Lantern is a popular Halloween tradition. Learning how this came about is a lesson in how deeply our modern world remains tied through our traditions to the earth and our relationship with the seasons and nature. You can thank America’s Irish immigrants for Halloween in this country.… Read More

Good Earth Plants Presents Pumpkin Power Halloween Trivia

The tradition of carving pumpkins came from Irish immigrants to the U.S.
Halloween is on Saturday. For most Americans, you can’t have Halloween without pumpkins. Displaying a pumpkin or carving one into a traditional Jack-O-Lantern is a popular Halloween tradition. We are out of our gourd about pumpkins at Good Earth Plant Company. In honor of this festive fruit (yes, it’s a fruit and not a vegetable), we present our Pumpkin Power Trivia. Orange you glad? The tradition of carving pumpkins started in Ireland. The Irish originally used turnips and sometimes potatoes. They carved ugly faces into them to ward off evil spirits. When Irish immigrants came to America, they switched to pumpkins, which were larger and easier to carve.… Read More

Halloween Décor, The Green Way

Halloween is just weeks away and it is time to decorate. If you want more than just a pumpkin and some spider webs in your office, what better to add than a few Halloween themed plants? Good Earth Plants employee and Eco-Warrior Alexa McEntarffer has her black lily on her desk. Check it out. Very creative! What decorations do you have? If you are one of our Good Earth Plant clients who receive our exceptional plant service, or if you’re maintaining your own plants, when decorating keep the fake cobwebs off your plants. It can harm the plants and be hard to remove.… Read More