Tips From Good Earth Plants To Keep Your Plants Healthy This Fall

We don't see a lot of fall leaves in San Diego, but there are some and the seasons do change. So should your plant care, indoors and outdoors.

Earlier this week it officially became Fall 2014, although with our recent warm weather it may be hard to believe.  Good Earth Plants wants to make sure you have the knowledge to tend your plants properly throughout the fall season.

We know in the fall leaves change colors on the trees, and the weather cools down. How does this affect our indoor plants – or does it? Yes, our indoor plants react to the change of seasons, too.

During the cooler seasons, there are fewer hours of daylight and the sun is farther away from Earth in the Northern Hemisphere. With less sun shining, we tend to leave our windows closed and turn up the heat. Since the angle of the sun changes and there is less sunlight coming in your windows, you may want to move your plants to a location where they can receive the most light possible on fall and winter days. Rotating your plants can also assure they get sunlight from every direction.

Be sure your plants get enough light during the fall and winter months.

Be sure your plants get enough light during the fall and winter months.

Because our windows stay closed and we turn up the heat, humidity drops inside our homes and offices. This can affect how much water your plants will need. Be sure to check on your plants by putting your finger in the soil to test it for dryness. Water accordingly.

During the fall season, you do not need to fertilize as much because the days are shorter and your plants are growing at a slower rate. Let them take a break just as they do outside during the natural seasons of the year. They will spring back to life when it warms back up and the days grow longer.

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