World Naked Gardening Day, There’s a Serious Point

Be careful with your gardening tools on World Naked Gardening Day - it's on May 5, 2018!

When I found out this Saturday, May 6 is officially the 13th annual “World Naked Gardening Day,” of course I laughed. Come on, who wouldn’t?

Then I thought, ‘Boy, that’s going to take a LOT of sunscreen. More for some than others!’

World Naked Gardening Day is a real event, and while we all might giggle about it, there’s an important point to it. People across the globe are encouraged, on the first Saturday of May, to get outside and weed, dig, plant, fertilize, and otherwise tend to their garden space as Mother Nature made you: without any clothes on.

Founder Mark Storey, a Seattle resident, says gloves, hats, and boots are perfectly OK by him.

Be careful none of your neighbors call the cops for indecent exposure on WNGD.

So why did Storey start “WNGD”? Storey says gardening is an activity anyone can do at any age, and at virtually any level of physical fitness. It can be done on a huge farm, or something as small as a window box of herbs. You can even participate by pulling invasive weeds along your favorite hiking trail. During the 13 years of the event, there are a few bold groups who show up at public parks to engage in stealth civic cleanups.

If this sounds a little like the famous World Naked Bike Ride events around the world, no coincidence. World Naked Gardening Day was inspired by the Critical Mass sponsored naked rides.

WNGD is about more than just exposing yourself to nature. Gardening is an inherently healthy activity. It’s about making the world better. It’s about fostering a sense of community in a shared passion. Most important to the organizers, it is about body acceptance, body positivity, and body image. People of all shapes, size, and ages can participate in gardening. It’s fun, it doesn’t have to cost anything, and it reminds us of those ties to nature, our biophilic connection. So why not tie body positivity and gardening together?

Founder Mark Storey of Seattle says he started World Naked Gardening Day to help people with their body image and to connect with nature. Photo: Courtesy Storey

Study after study shows how important it is for us to incorporate nature into our lives for our wellbeing. It’s what our work is all about at Good Earth Plant Company.  Sure, this event is goofy and we could crack (get it, crack?) all kinds of bad jokes about it.

But whatever gets people talking and thinking about nature, about their good health, and their connection to the natural world, we’re all about it.

So what are you supposed to do? First of all, steer clear of the rose garden. They are full of pricks. (Groan!) I don’t really recommend hitting the hiking trail in nothing but boots, or showing up en masse at a community park to do weeding and a clean-up. But why not get outside bright and early Saturday for just a few minutes of

But why not get outside bright and early Saturday for just a few minutes of sunshine in your yard? Or even just open a door or window a little earlier in the morning than you might normally? Get outside with your hat, shorts, and sunscreen and take a walk through a neighborhood park you haven’t visited in a long time. Take your dog or a neighbor’s dog. Dogs can go naked in public any time they want!

Dogs love helping in the garden.

If you’re a gardening enthusiast but not up for this sort of exposure, indoor gardening with or without clothes will get you into the spirit of the day’s true theme, connecting yourself with nature. Don’t forget and answer the door if you decide to walk around the house in nothing but slippers.

As part of World Naked Gardening Day, you are also supposed to tell someone about your experience. You are welcome to use our Good Earth Plant Company Facebook page as your forum. Click on this link, and fill us in on your activities. If you show us yours, we’ll show you ours.

You can learn more at the official World Naked Gardening Day Facebook page and website. NSFW, by the way.

Be careful with your gardening tools on World Naked Gardening Day this Saturday, May 6!

I admit I am relieved that World Naked Gardening Day is on a weekend. I’m not sure how we’d handle it at work. Human Resources might not be too happy about it.